The Sepiafoto Lenormand is now available for pre-order!

(Left to right): Tower, Letter, Crossroads, Bouquet, Cross

Sepiafoto Lenormand: A new 36-card Lenormand deck! The Sepiafoto Lenormand is the first photographic Lenormand oracle deck, printed in sepia. I will be self publishing it in small quantities.

The deck is printed on sturdy card stock, with a matte satin finish. They are borderless and measure 2 1/8" x 3 1/4". There are no numbers or titles printed on the cards to distract from the imagery.

The deck will come with a PDF guide of card meanings.

I will be accepting orders from now through June 30th. On July 1st I will send the deck to print, and will mail out orders by the end of July.  So you can expect your deck to arrive by early August.

I don't know how often I will do a print run. Life tends to be unpredictable in my world, so I can't  promise that there will be another printing.